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Welcome to Liam James Leaven's Humor Spectacular

Modern Washingtonian by Liam James Leaven, a Political Satire



About Liam James Leaven

Liam James Leaven is the author of the comedic novel ON THE ORIGIN’S OF JOY BOY’S CHASM. Hailed by Bookshop Santa Cruz as “an infectious romp guaranteed to entertain” and praised for its keen insight and its zany, (mis)adventurous, and wholly entertaining plot, ON THE ORIGIN’S OF JOY BOY’S CHASM has been providing readers with laugh-out-loud moments for over a decade.


His acclaimed HUGE WORDS BY HUGE PEOPLE, called a “top-shelf laughter elixir,” has developed a devoted fanbase, resonating with readers of all ages, and will be followed up in 2025 with HUGE WORDS BY HUGE PEOPLE: BIGGER THAN YESTERDAY. 


Liam's comedic mash-up short, FRANKENSTEIN, OR THE MODERN WASHINGTONIAN, takes readers on an unforgettable romp through the Nevada deserts.

His next big project, a parody children's picture book, is scheduled to be released in early fall 2024. 


Get on the bus to join Liam on his uproarious and insightful quest for hijinks.

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