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Book cover image for Liam James Leaven's mash-up satire Frankenstein, or the Modern Washingtonian

Frankenstein, or
The Modern  Washingtonian:
The Walton Letters

Mary Shelley & Liam James Leaven

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About the Book

In this 7,300 word mash-up re-telling of the Walton Letters that introduce Mary Shelley’s classic gothic horror novel, Robert Walton, an underachieving pot dealer from Spokane, navigates a beat up RV towards Las Vegas with noble plans to save the family home from foreclosure. One evening while stuck in the desert en route, he and his crew witness a giant figure gliding across the desert horizon, “as if propelled by some magical force.” Their first inclination, that it might just be the weed, is extinguished the next morning when another figure -- an emaciated Victor Frankenstein, corrupt Washington super-lobbyist extraordinaire -- bangs his failing Segway into their RV and falls to the ground, before asking for an espresso. An incredible request for a man in such a state, particularly given the nightmarish dream of revenge that he is chasing after, a dream that will be recounted in the full mash-up edition of Frankenstein: that of creating the perfect presidential candidate out of individual body parts, each sponsored by special interest groups and corporations that gain control of a percentage of the candidate's brain, based upon how much they contribute.


"I shall depart for the latter town in the morn; and my intention is to hire a crew there, which can easily be done by promising free beer and distant riches, and to engage as many grifters as I think necessary among those who are accustomed to the cards. "
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