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Cover image for the parody Huge Words by Huge People, by Liam James Leaven. For fans of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.

Huge Words by Huge People

Better Than Before


Cover image for On the Origins of Joy Boy's Chasm, a comic novel, byLiam James Leaven, for lover's of parody and satire
Cover image for the mash-up satire Frankenstein, or The Modern Washingtonian, by Liam James Leaven and Mary Shelley
Cover image for the upcoming parody Huge Words by Huge People: Bigger than Yesterday, by Liam James Leaven, a work of inspiring quotes and hijinks; for fans of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

About the Book

An indispensable tome of wisdom and laughs.

From author Liam James Leaven and artist Katrina Kinder comes this collection of masterfully illustrated mash-up quotes that will leave you, in every sense, "better than before."

Delving deeper into the pearls of wisdom and inspiration spoken by others, Leaven works to unearth greater truths to present the world in a unique, entertaining, and always hilariously offbeat manner.


Huge Words by Huge People is a top-shelf laughter elixir, imparting such wisdom as:

"Speak softly and carry a big stick . . .

This way, for them to hear you, they will need to come close. That's when you hit them with the stick."















~ LJL and Teddy Roosevelt ~


"If we fall, we don't need self-recrimination or blame. We need a reawakening of our intention, to be whole-hearted once again . . .

Sometimes, if we happen to fall in the right place, a good personal injury lawyer will also come in handy. I've been scoping out Grandma's Country Diner over on South Walnut Street—they always seem to be mopping around 3 o'clock. Now, where did I leave my flip-flops?"
























~ LJL and Sharon Salzberg ~

With words of wisdom that are sure to leave you in stitches, Huge Words by Huge People is a perfect funny gift for fans of Saturday Night Live's Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, comedians Steven Wright, Tim Heidecker, Mitch Hedberg, Rita Rudner, or Demetri Martin, actor Nick Offerman, or anyone who appreciates a good dad joke.

Illustration for Teddy Roosevelt mash-up quote from Huge Words by Huge People, a parody mash-up book of inspirational quotes
Illustration for Sharon Salzberg mash-up quote from Huge Words by Huge People, a parody mash-up book of inspirational quotes


Reader Review

"The twists and wanderings of LJL's interpretations of well know quotations were uniquely his own and led me places lined with laughter and giggles. The illustrations mesh flawlessly, and when all is said and done, this book is a top-shelf laughter elixir."
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